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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost? $29.99 per month if you sign up by credit card or
$29.99 per month if you sign up by personal check.
Does it automatically renew? Yes.
How do I cancel? Cancel at Customer Service with the billing company you signed up with:,, or WTS.
Membership is extended every week? Your Membership Expands! members are also granted access to the members sections of many other premium adult membership sites. With few exceptions, a new major site is added every Friday!
Do I need new passwords for each site? There are no additional passwords to remember. The Username and Password you choose now will also get you access to all the other sites.
Where are all the extra sites listed? They are listed in the member's section.
Are there any additional charges? You pay extra only for or if you want to videochat during a live sex session. You can watch all the live sex sessions for free including full nudity and true hardcore action! There are no other charges whatsoever.
Are there different models? Depending on the time of day there are anywhere from 1 to 3 live models performing. You can easily switch from one show to another.
What are the different live sex shows? All shows are guaranteed to be 100% live. There are live girls 24 hours a day, lesbian shows scheduled a few times a week, gay guys 24 hours a day, gay sex shows scheduled a few times a week (hardcore), shemales 24 hours a day, and live couples (hardcore) 18 hours a day everyday! There are a total of 8 different shows.
Password doesn't work? Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, so write them down exactly using with the upper and lowercase letters you are given.
What if I forget my password? Go to Customer Service with the billing company you signed up with:,, or WTS.
Do I need to download anything or use any special software? No. Everything works with Netscape 2.2 or better, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or better, and with the newer AOL browsers. You don't have to download anything or use any plug-ins. The videos and livesex videostreaming start automatically. They come in quickly depending on your modem speed. A 28.8 modem is sufficient. Faster modems give more frames per second. If necessary you can click your "Reload" or "Refresh" button to restart your connection.
Does it work with WebTV? The photo galleries, slideshows and animated "videos" work with WebTV, but the streaming video and live video do not work yet with WebTV. WebTV has announced that they intend to upgrade to become Java capable sometime in the future which will enable you to watch the video and live sex at that time. No site is more compatible with WebTV than Sexland.
How do the personals work? Even non-members can send in a free personals ad. You must be a member to read and respond to them of course.
How does the chat work? Every posted message and personal ad has the sender's e-mail address so you can chat directly with anyone you choose.
How does the Video Sexchat work? You can type messages to the performers and they will answer back and respond to your requests. The live Video Sexchat and are the only services that costs additional above the cost of membership.

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